New name and website for Aquanaut Yachtcharter

Marrenvloot is the new name of Aquanaut Yachtcharter. We also have a completely new website to present our diverse range of Aquanaut boats and our added value to you. With these developments, our family business is all set for the future!

The name Marrenvloot refers to the beautiful Frisian Lakes (Fryske Marren) surrounding our company. 'As well as referring to our charter fleet of 15 luxury Aquanaut yachts, that enables us to create unforgettable boating holidays for you', harbour master Johanna Folmer explains.

New chapter

We chose the name change to mark a new chapter in our corporate existence. 'Previously, the Aquanaut shipyard and yacht charter were one and the same company,' Johanna clarifies. 'As of recently, both have become independent. With the new name, we want to clarify the distinction between the two. However, the love for this renowned yacht brand remains undiminished. We were involved in building Aquanaut yachts for over 20 years. Aquanaut is in our DNA!'

New website

With a new company name comes, of course, a new and fresh logo. We have also been busy creating a new website ( 'Here, as a boating enthusiast, you will find everything you need for a wonderful and carefree boating holiday in Friesland and its surroundings. From beautiful routes, tips for great outings in our province to important boating information. Naturally, we also present our product range and services here.'

Extensive range

To that end: something for everyone and a high level of service. 'We offer 15 Aquanaut rental yachts in different price categories,' says the harbour master. 'This is because we believe everyone deserves to take a yacht out on the water carefree and experience its beauty. You see the world from a completely different view. We want you to feel at home on the water. And, of course, also in our home port in Sneek.'

New name and website for Aquanaut Yachtcharter

Marrenvloot Yacht Rental The beacon on which you
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